Rainy Season is a welcome respite from the summer heat. But the monsoon is not as welcoming for house cleaning. The continuous pouring can lead to leakages and bring in a lot of moisture. Gutter cleaning at this time is a mess, resulting in a stale smell that lingers in the air.

This dampness can lead to a lot of foul smell added with many mosquitoes and flies. Home cleaners to properly clean your homes during the rains is very essential.

Here are a few tips you can follow in home cleaning for a sparkling fresh and clean home during the monsoon:

  • Dampness in Cupboard: One of the quick and easy ways to remove damp smell in cupboard is through camphor. Tucked neatly at a corner, it can do wonders to keep your clothes clean and make your home clean and airy.

  • TIP: You can also add a couple of fresh neem leaves to keep silverfish away from your clothes. Make sure not to fold slightly damp clothes.

  • Termites: Termites can become a major concern when there is high humidity and dampness in the home. Ensure you have termite proofed your homes before the onset of rains. Avoid moving object from one termite affected furniture to another as it helps termites to spread easily.

  • TIP: You can ask maid to clean and disinfect termite affected areas as a temporary measure.

    Large termite infestations will require professional, especially in monsoons when they spread quickly.

  • Floors: Wooden floors need to be waxed before monsoons begin. If you haven’t done so yet, you can do it immediately. All other floors require a good brush up to keep them from becoming moist and slippery. Use a hard brush to scrub away the grime.

  • TIP: Apply Bleaching power with Vinegar and leave for a while. Scrubbing will be easier.

    For large walls and floors call in professional home cleaning services with High Pressure water jets that completely rid the area of any moss. This should be done before and after the rains.

  • Leakage: Check, Re-Check ad Recheck again for any possible leakage. Here normally the bathrooms are the main culprits that lead to dampness in all the walls.

  • TIP: You can also add some sheets on the roof to avoid any spillage in the lashing rains. People living in old homes / ancestral property can a avoid damage to their homes with this simple solutions.

    Many House cleaning Services also offer cleaners for gutters that are very useful.

  • Ventilation in your home: It is very important to allow fresh air into your home. While this may be a tough call given the heavy showers pouring; ventilation helps take away the dampness that you see around you. It is also very important to rid your homes off the pests that come crawling in.

  • TIP: Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil and leave it near the air conditioner.

    Dry vacuum cleaner / tumble dryer for clothes and upholstery will be a good idea.
    Home Cleaning professionals help vacuum drying of carpets, upholstery and beds help to keep your home clean, germ-free and healthy.

  • Cleaning: Keeping your entire home neat and cleans is necessary during the monsoons. Wash, scrub, Mop to keep the homes neat and dry. This is a constant activity if you want to ensure that no mosquitoes, flies pose health concerns to your family. Maids and cleaners must be trained in cleaning homes and to rid the waste in a proper hygienic manner.

  • Tip: Add little vinegar to your mopping solutions. It helps remove stubborn dirt and keeps flies away. Don’t worry about the smell, it will evaporate soon.